Revenue and Profit Reports of 5 Android Apps

Developing an android takes time and money. Does it worth it? Today we’re going to analyze the revenue of some Android app. This information is taken from few owners and the information is not in the same pattern. But you can still get a rough idea from them.

As you already know, there are only three main ways that app can generate revenue. The first and the most popular one is AdMod which shows ads in your app. And it’s the google’s mobile advertising company like Adsense for websites. The second way to earn money online is through in app purchases. For example you have to pay few bucks to get access to some premium features in apps.

The third method is app subscriptions or one time purchases. However, most of the stater sites are depend on the first two methods. Lets look at the some of the earning statements.

Tor VPN Free | Super Unlimited Proxy Master VPN

Tor VPN is a Free VPN software with a 421 Reviews. Lets see how it has made it’s income.

Cost And Profit Statement of Tor VPN Free

Apr 21$821$0$821
Mar 21$691$0$691
Feb 21$898$0$898
Jan 21$1,581$0$1,581
Dec 20$496$0$496
Nov 20$478$0$478
Oct 20$348$0$348
Sep 20$384$0$384
Aug 20$228$0$228
Jul 20$177$0$177
Jun 20$64$0$64
May 20$87$0$87

Gross Revenue

AdMob Network Report

Castle of Varuc: Action Platformer 2D

Cost and Profit Statement

Apr 21$21$0$21
Mar 21$12$0$12
Feb 21$24$0$24
Jan 21$8$0$8
Dec 20$11$0$11
Nov 20$10$0$10
Oct 20$8$0$8
Sep 20$10$0$10
Aug 20$7$0$7

AdMob Network Report

Gandr — A photo collage maker without limits

Cost and Profit Statement

Apr 21$2,847$10$2,837
Mar 21$2,435$10$2,425
Feb 21$2,807$10$2,797
Jan 21$3,025$10$3,015
Dec 20$3,100$10$3,090
Nov 20$2,581$10$2,571
Oct 20$2,845$10$2,835
Sep 20$2,599$10$2,589
Aug 20$2,348$10$2,338
Jul 20$3,096$10$3,086
Jun 20$2,758$10$2,748
May 20$2,493$10$2,483

AdMob Network Report

iOS In-App Purchase Revenue – April

Android In-App Purchase Revenue – April

Frolomuse MP3 Player – Music Player & Equalizer

Cost and Profit Statement

Mar 21$200$0$200
Feb 21$137$0$137
Jan 21$40$0$40
Dec 20$0$0$0
Nov 20$0$0$0
Oct 20$0$0$0
Sep 20$0$0$0
Aug 20$0$0$0
Jul 20$0$0$0
Jun 20$0$0$0
May 20$0$0$0
Apr 20$0$0$0

AdMob Network Report

Free dating app – iMingle Social Events

Cost and Profit Statement

Dec 20$28$0$28
Nov 20$55$0$55
Oct 20$145$0$145
Sep 20$206$0$206
Aug 20$213$0$213
Jul 20$131$0$131
Jun 20$196$0$196
May 20$203$0$203
Apr 20$120$0$120
Mar 20$174$0$174
Feb 20$43$0$43
Jan 20$27$0$27

Free dating has not provided the AdMob screenshot to us.

I call myself an online entrepreneur who gets his income completely by online methods. And the important part is that I try to do almost anything that I can do online. Maybe I'll earn more if I stick to few things. From May 2021, I'm starting to share my experiences with you. And hoping to write an article per day. Wish me good luck.

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