What is a Good Blog Niche?

In the blogging journey, selecting a good niche is the hardest part. Because if you select a niche like SEO, Digital Marketing, Arduino, Programming, Recipes, Fitness you will have a very low success rate. In this article, you will learn about good niches, bad niches, and the philosophy behind a successful blog.

As you know, people do millions of searches on Google per day. There are some regular searches that are more saturated with content. For an example, take this article “What is a good blog niche?”. For this topic, there are hundreds of quality content on the internet.

So, if you’re going to start a blog with one of the saturated niches by targeting search engine traffic, it won’t be a good idea. Because I learned it in the hard way. First, I started blogging with an Arduino, and technology blog, and it wasn’t successful at all. The most fun part is, I couldn’t even rank any of my articles, among the top 10 google keywords. And I was unable to sell the website with over 50 articles.

Therefore my advice is to stay away from saturated keywords in the beginning.

Now, you may ask why am I doing Beyond Observer? This is one of my case studies. I am already doing a few successful low-competition niche websites, but this is completely for experimental purposes. I’ll explain more about it in another article. 

What is a Bad Blog Niche?

A bad niche is a niche that is difficult to rank among the top 10 Google search results. Niches that are related to Health, Fitness, and SEO, Technology, Programming niches belong to these bad niche ideas.

Even if technology is a bad niche idea, some subtopics make great niche blogs. For example, you can start a washing machine review site, which is a good idea. But if you try to start a site about all the technological stuff, it’ll be completely a bad idea for a new blogger.

“If you want to identify a good niche for your blog, the best way to do it by understanding what are the bad ones.” 

This is something that I always say to my students.

Are Bad Blog Niches are Actually Bad?

Yes, because there are less competitive keywords that we can easily rank for. However with a proper SEO marketing campaign, link building, guest posting, and digital marketing you can break these barriers. The problem is, you have to spend so much time and money on it.

I’ve made many mistakes with blog niches and the biggest reason behind most of the failures is the saturation of content. 

Examples for Good Niches

To get a better understanding of which will work, let’s go through some successful niche sites on the internet. 


The site is all about beagle puppies, and the author is trying to answer each and every search query about beagle puppies. If we check the traffic, and the backlink profile of Beagles life.

As you can see, the site has 2.2K organic keywords, 1.3K estimated monthly traffic, and the $409 estimated monthly income. Because I’m doing some other blogs, I know that the traffic and the revenue should be much more than this. 

The point here is a website with 31 referring domains and 57 backlinks, the site is having 559 keywords, among the top 10 google search results. 

My Opinion about Micro Niches

Micro niches are great, but since everybody is trying to do the easy thing, this has become a trend. For the same reason, people tend to write articles for each search query. Some of this kind of blogs looks really spammy and has no valuable content. 

It seems, now google is focusing more on the content now. For example, let’s imagine that you write a blog about a specific niche. And you try to write articles for each keyword without understanding the intentions of people. And it makes google algorithms think that your site is spammy. Therefore, Google will only rank your articles when there is no other good content available. 


As I think, if you’re starting with blogging, you better start with a small niche. Since ranking for saturated keywords takes time and money, it’s better to work on less competitive keywords.

If you’re marketing a product in those high saturated keywords, you won’t have this option. So y

If you want to know anything else, please comment your questions below.

James Bennett

James Bennett

I call myself an online entrepreneur who gets his income completely by online methods. And the important part is that I try to do almost anything that I can do online. Maybe I'll earn more if I stick to few things. From May 2021, I'm starting to share my experiences with you. And hoping to write an article per day. Wish me good luck.

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