How to Earn Money on Steam as a Gamer

As you already know, Steam is not intentionally design to earn money. If you’re a gamming developer it’s a different scenario. But when it comes to a gamer, its all about spending money. Wait, but few years ago, I figured out some ways to earn some amount of cash through it.

Earning money in Steam is possible, but there are some huge limitations. For example, you can sell game achievement cards in marketplace for some amount of cash and later withdraw the money. This is completely an  indirect way to earn money.

You can earn around zero to hundreds of dollars on Steam, but you need to do some calculation and understand whether it’s profitable when you consider the earnings and the amount of time you spend for it.

Enough talking, lets get into the methods,

Trading Game Achievements Cards

When you play the game you can get some game achievement cards and later you can sell them in the marketplace. But there are few experiences of mine that you need to know. First thing is if you rely on much popular games there will be much competition for you. The best games for collecting cards for selling are trending ones and the ones with mid level popularity.

If you’re playing the game for fun, then time is not a concert. But if you’re solo purpose is to make money, this won’t be so effective according to my experiences. Try it by yourself.


This is the best way to earn money in steam in my opinion. But, as I see streaming is only profitable for some games. For example, you can earn much more from League of Legends than streaming Dota 2.

Streaming is not for everyone, but you can still try it for fun.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [CG:CO] Crates

I tried this method ones and earned 50 bucks. Not a huge deal, but here is what I did. I bought few games during the sale period. And then played that game for a while and collect some crates. Yes, you can get one or few crates in first few days. And then I sold crates for few bucks of profit. In the meantime I played the game and it seems like not a bad idea.

Sine the profit is small, I didn’t continue it for a long time.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [CG:CO] Other Methods

I have also tried some other methods with CG:CO. One is buying stickers and keep them there for a while. When the price goes up, I sold them. The second thing is gun skins. As you know you can earn gun skins while you play the game, and once you get it, you can try to sell it in the marketplace.

Things doesn’t always sell. But there will be a little profit.


Unlike any other blogs, I didn’t add lies to get a lengthy article. So there is only practical tips. If I get to know more, I’ll update them later. If you know any other tips, please comment and share your ideas.

Happy gaming!

Good luck!

I call myself an online entrepreneur who gets his income completely by online methods. And the important part is that I try to do almost anything that I can do online. Maybe I'll earn more if I stick to few things. From May 2021, I'm starting to share my experiences with you. And hoping to write an article per day. Wish me good luck.

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