How to Recover a Suspended Chegg Account

Uh Oh, this account has been identified as a shared account. It has been suspended due to violating our Terms of Use.

If you have received the above message, your Chegg subscription is temporally blocked from Chegg. But you don’t need to be panic, usually, the account will be restored within 48 hours. However, in rare cases, they block some accounts permanently. In this article we gonna look into causes, and how we can avoid being suspended.

At the end of the article, there is a tip that you can use to share your Chegg account without getting suspended.

Causes for Suspend

Chegg doesn’t like when their users share their accounts with their friends. So, they have implemented a bot to ban shared accounts. There are 4 factors that the Chegg Bot considers when suspending an account.

  1. Number of different devices using a single login
  2. Usage from multiple locations (different IPs)
  3. High number of searches
  4. Variety of searches

How to Avoid Being Suspended on Chegg

If want to use your Chegg account without getting suspended

No More than Two Devices

They only allow two of your devices per subscription. So, first, you better save the two devices in your Chegg account settings. Go to,

Chegg > My Account > My Devices

And add your two devices. It’s always good to add a laptop or a desktop as the first device and a smartphone as the second device. Using two desktops is suspicious.

Books Study 
Profile Into 
Math Solver Internships 
Payment Into 
My Devices 
A My Devices 
You are allowed 2 devices per account. 
Windows VID 
Windows VID 
This device 
Last Accessed 
7/6/21 | 11:14 AM 
6/29/21 1:55 PM

Even you have the ability to use Chegg on both devices, don’t use both devices at the same time. Because they’ll think it’s two people and suspend your account.

Post a new questi 
Get an expert answer within h 
How it works 
Submit only ONE QUESTIO 
GET NOTIFIED when your 
Use answers to LEARN and 
1. What is your questi 
Uh Oh, this account has been identified as a shared 
account. It has been suspended due to violating our 
Terms of Use. 
Click here for more information 
Need your own subscription? 
Subscribe now 
Cancel anytime

Usage from multiple locations (different IPs)

It’s okay to use VPN, but if you change the IP during your searches, the Chegg bot will consider them as different logins.

Limit the Variety of Searches

If you search questions in management, biology, engineering, physics, and agriculture, the Chegg will think you’re a Chegg Answer Bot. As you know, there are Discord and Telegram Chegg answer bots that provide answers for free or a few bucks.

If you’re in engineering, be limited to engineering and mathematics.

How to Share Chegg Accounts without Being Suspended

There is only one way that you can share your Chegg account. But you and your friend still can’t use your Chegg account at the same time. The method is simple, all the users have to use the same cookies. To do that, first, all of you need to install the Cookie Editor.

Install the Cookie Editor

You can use any cookie editor that can extract and import cookies, but you guys need to use the same editor to avoid unwanted errors. My personal choice is Cookie-Editor which has 4.9 star rating on chrome web store.

Clear all the Cookies

Go to the Chegg homepage and delete all the cookies related to Chegg. To do that, go to the homepage, and lick on the lock icon shown in the below image.

Then click on cookies.

And remove all the cookies shown there. Then click on the Done button.

Log in and Export

First, you need to log in to your Chegg account. Next, you need to export the cookies using the cookie editor. To do that, click on the Cookie-editor on the extension menu and click on export. Then the all the cookies will be copied.

Then open up the note pad and paste the cookies into it. (You can open the notepad by searching note pad on search bar) And save the file.

After that, you need to send the saved cookie file to your friends.

Import Cookies

This is what your friends have to do. First, they need to clean all the cookies related to Chegg as I instructed. Then they also need to install the Cookie-Editor. Finally, they need to click on the Cookie-Editor and click on import.

Then open the cookie text file and copy the text in it and paste it into Cookie-Editor.

And then click on the import button and refresh the webpage. Now you’re done.


Chegg is comparatively cheap since we can ask new 20 questions only for $15. So it’s always good to buy a Chegg subscription, however, some of us can’t afford it monthly and have to share the cost with some friends. Even it seems like a good idea, Chegg doesn’t like it. So you will have to careful when working with shared accounts.

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