Why is Keyword Research Tools Killing SEO?

As you already know that there are hundreds of Keyword Research tools on the internet. So some bloggers spend hundreds of dollars on these tools, including me. Yes, we can track some valuable information from these sites. But many bloggers, including myself, did so much harm to SEO.

To check the reason behind this, I did a research analyzing 100 poorly doing websites with more than 30 articles. In this article, we’ll go through the research data and learn the causes behind the failures. 

Keyword research tools kill SEO when you write articles for keywords without understanding the visitors’ intentions. If you focus on their visitors’ intentions while checking the best search queries, you can use Keyword Research tools in a positive way.

What was wrong with those blogs?

By analyzing the common mistakes that people make on their blogs, I c

ould make a table. In the first collum, I wrote down the five major mistakes that I see people doing with their blogs to have a bad very bad traffic from Google. 

FailuresNo of Blogs
High Competition23
Badly Written45
Small Content-Length 52
Bad Article Selection64
Headline Errors41
Research Data
Pie Chart of Research Data

Then I deleted all the blogs’ names, except the blogs with Bad Article Selection. When I’m going through the list, I could find out that 42 blogs out of 64 blogs are written targeting directly the keywords. Some have written 2000 words long articles for very small topics to trick search engines.

But sites with that kind of word content, have ranked among the top 10 search queries. The problem was, the sites were still getting low traffic according to Ahrefs.

Example 1

For example, let’s say you want to know how high can a cat jump. And then google shows you an article with 2000 words, but still has no enough data. So, the blog article has failed to understand the visitors’ intentions. 

Example 2

Let’s take the above scenario with a different type of article. Let’s think that Google has brought you to a site with so much data about how high can cants jump. So the article contains not only the average height a cat can jump, it compares the heights that different types of animals can jump, cats of different ages can jump. 


The problem is not with Keyword Research tools, and it’s about how we use them. After understanding my mistakes, I could fix my mistakes. Always write for the people who read, not for the search engine. Always look at the angle of a reader.

Good luck!

James Bennett

James Bennett

I call myself an online entrepreneur who gets his income completely by online methods. And the important part is that I try to do almost anything that I can do online. Maybe I'll earn more if I stick to few things. From May 2021, I'm starting to share my experiences with you. And hoping to write an article per day. Wish me good luck.

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